• PCD pharma franchise

    We provide PCD Pharma franchise on monopoly basis for any company who wish to join us.

    PCD pharma franchise
  • PCD pharma franchise
  • PCD pharma franchise


We manufacture best medicines that helps millions to cure.


We spend millions to do research and develop new medicines


Our research team keeps innovating new medicines to cut the cost and increase the quality.

PCD pharma franchise
PCD pharma franchise
PCD pharma franchise
PCD pharma franchise


In the year 2003 few enthusiastic & young people got together with such ideas of honesty & action under the dynamic leadership and dedication of Mr. Amitkumar R. Trivedi (Proprietor). They decided to provide quality medicines at the most reasonable price and the small seed was sown with name of “ ACTIVE HEALTHCARE “.The company or “ ACTIVE FAMILY “ started with about 55 brands initially. And today company handles more than 225 brands as a result of the hard work, honesty & absolute faith in team work. Each member of “ ACTIVE FAMILY ” did his / her best job without compromising on perfection & full dedication. And the result was Controlled growth.“ ACTIVE FAMILY ” believed in 3D’s i.e. Desire, Dedication & Determination.

Our products and Brands

Brand Name Content Strength
ACTILEX Cephalexin-Disp.Tab 250mg
ACTILEX Cephalexin-cap 500mg
ACTIMOX Amoxycillin-disp.tab 250mg
ACTIMOX Amoxycillin cap 500mg
AMCLOX Amoxycillin cap 250mg
ACTICLAV Potassium clavunate 125mg.tab
ACTIROX Roxythromycin tab 150mg tab
AZISET Azithromycin tab 250mg tab
AZISET Azithromycin tab 500mg tab
CEFIX Cefixime disp.tab 200mg
CEFIACT Cefixime disp.tab 200mg
CEFIACT-O Cefixime & Ofloxacin 200mg
CEFIACT-CV Cefixime & potassium clavulanate 325 tab
CEFOACT 200DISP cefpodoxime proxetil mg tab 200mg
CEFOACT cv325DISP cefpodoxime potassium clavulanate 125mg.tab
CEFEXL 250TAB cefuroxime axetil 250mg tab
CEFEXL 500tab cefuroxime axetil 500mg tab
LEVOACT 250TAB Levofloxacin 250mg tab
LEVOACT 500TAB Levofloxacin 500mg tab
LEVOACT 750TAB Levofloxacin 750mg tab
OFLICT 200TAB ofloxacin 200mg tab
OFLICT 400TAB ofloxacin 400mg tab
OFLICT oz TAB ofloxacin & Ornidazole 200mg tab
SPARACT 200TAB sparfloxacin 200mg tab
PROBID 250TAB Ciprofloxacin 250 mg tab
PROBID 500TAB Ciprofloxacin 500mg tab
Brand Name Content Strength
LIVGRO SYRUP AN Ayurvedic liver tonic with punarnava & arjun chhal
PEPLLER PLUS SYRUP cyproheptadine 2mg with b complex syrup
OTARIN MF TAB drotaverine & mefenamic 80mg & 250mg tab
RADIKA TAB dicyclomine & diclofenac potassium 20mg & 50mg tab
SPASMAGIN TAB mefenamic acid & dicyclomine 500mg & 20mg tab
ZYMACT SYRUP an ayurvedic enzyme syrup with guduchi and saunf
ZYMACT PLUS SYRUP fungal diastase and pepsin 18.75mg & 12.50mg syrup
PROSTEM TAB tamsulosin 400mcg tab
Brand Name Content Strength
ACTIPLEX DROPS multivitaamins & multiminerals drops
ASOFER XT DROPS ferrous ascorbate & folic acid 10mg & 500mcg drops
AZISET 200 SUSPENSION Azithromycin 200mg suspension
ACTICLAV DRY SYRUP amoxycillin & potassium clavulanate 200mg & 28.5mg
ALFA D3 DROPS vitamin d3 800i.u/ml drops
CEFIX 50 DRY SYRUP cefixime 50mg dry syrup
CEFIACT 50 DRY SYRUP cefixime 50mg dry syrup
CFEIACT 100 DT TAB cefixime 100mg disp tab
CFEIACT O DRY SYP cefixime 50mg+ofloxacin-50mg dry syrup
CEFOACT 50DRY SYRUP cefpodoxime proxetil 50mg dry syrup
CEFOACT 50DISP TAB cefpodoxime proxetil 50mg disp tab
CEFOACT 100 TAB cefpodoxime proxetil 100mg tab
ELCY MT KID TAB montelukast & levocetirizine 4mg & 2.5 mg tab
FOLNET DROPS niacinamide +folic acid & vitamin b12 drops
OFLICT-OZ SUSPENSION ofloxin 50mg & ornidazole 125mg susp
ZYMACT DROPS digestive enzymes with carminative mixture
WARMACT TAB albendazole 400mg
PARIX 250 SUSPENSION paracetamol 250mg suspension
ACTICOF SYP dextromethophan + guaiphensin 5mg & 50mg
ACTIDEX SYP bromhexine & dextromethorphan 4mg & 5mg
ARYL SUSPENSION phenylepherine 5mg & 50mg
AXOL XL SYP amboxol 15mg
TUSSAL + SYP dextromethophan +phenylepherine 10mg & 5mg
ZINTOS SYRUP zinc gluconate 20mg & 5 ml syrup
Brand Name Content Strength
ACTICAL Z*CAP calcitriol +cal.carbonate+zinc softgel cap 25mcg,500mg and 7.5mg
ACTICAL Z* SUSP calcium with phosphurus d3 suspension
ASOFER XT* SUSPENSION ferrous ascorbate and folic acid 30mg &500mcg suspension
ASOFER XT* TAB ferrous ascorbate and folic acid 100mg and 1.5mg tab
ARGIACT* SACHET arginine 3gms granules
ARGIACT-XL* SACHET arginine with folic acid & zinc granules 3gms
CALVITA TAB calcium carbonate & vitamin 1250mg & d3-250IU tab
CALVITA SUSP calcium carbo with magnesium,zinc,vitamin d3 susp vitamin d3
DOXYLIC* TAB doxylamine suc + pyridoxine+folic 10mg+10mg+2.5mg
FOLNET TAB folic + riboflavin+niacinamide 1.5mg +10mg+50mg tab
HB ACT* SYRUP ferric amm+folic + vita b12 200mg+1mg+5mcg syrup
IROACT-SF TAB sod feredetate+folic+vita b12 231mcg+1.5mg+15mcg tab
IROACT *CAP carbonyl iron with folic acid and zinc cap 100mg
IROACT SYRUP ferrous glycin,vitamins,zinc and folic acid syrup
LYCOACT TAB lycopene+vitamin CAE & zinc 5000mcg & 50mg tab
LYCOACT SYRUP lycopene with multivitamins and multiminerals multiminerals syrup
PIOCAD SR TAB pyridoxine sus release and folic acid 100mg sus and 5mg tab
Brand Name Content Strength
VERTIC 8* TAB betahistine 8mg tab
VERTIC 16* TAB betahistine 16mg tab
CINACT 25* TAB cinnarizine 25 MG TAB
CINACT 75* TAB cinnarizine 75 mg tab
CINACT D * TAB cinnarizine + domperidone 15 mg tab
Brand Name Content Strength
GLUCOACT M*TAB gliclazide 80mg
GLIBACT M*TAB glibenclamide 5mg
GLIMACT 1 M TAB glimepiride 1mg
GLIMACT 2 M TAB glimepiride 2MG
GLIPIACT 1*M TAB glimepiride 1mg
GLIPIACT 2*M TAB glimepiride 2MG
Brand Name Content Strength
ACEBROACT CAP acebrophylline 100mg cap
ACTICOF* TAB dextromethorphan 10mg
ACTICOF *SYP 100ML dextro 5mg
ACTIDEX SYP 100ML bromhexine+dextro 5mg +50mg
ARYL PLUS TAB para+cpm 500mg+2mg
AXOL XL SYP 100ML ambroxol 15mg
CETRA Z TAB cetirizine 5mg
ELCY A*CAP levocetirizine 5mg
ELCY-MT* TAB montelukast 10mg
ELCY COLD* TAB levocetirizine 2.5mg
KAFVED* SYRUP an ayurvedic cough mixture with tulsi,adulsa and ginger
RESPIACT TAB acebrophylline 200mg
TUSSAL +SYP 100ML dextromethorphan 10mg
Brand Name Content Strength
ACEACT 200SR* TAB aceclofenac 200mg sustain release tab
ACEACT P* TAB aceclofenac 100mg tab
ACEACT SP*TAB aceclofenac 100mg tab
ACTINIM 100* DISP TAB nimesulide 100mg tab
ACTIZOBID* TAB diclofenac sodium 50mg and paracetamol 50mg and 500mg tab
ALFA D3 TAB vitamin d3 60000 IU tab
ALFA D3 SACHET vitamin d3 60000 IU sachet
CAMROX* DISP TAB piroxicam 20mg disp tab
COLCINE AP TAB thiocolchicoside 4mg
DEFZER 6* TAB deflazacort 6mg tab
DEFZER 30* TAB deflazacort 30mg tab
GLUCORIN-M TAB glucosamine sulphite 750mg tab
LORNAC 8-TAB lornoxicam 8mg tab
LORNAC -4 P TAB lornoxicam 4 mg & paracetamol 500mg
LORNAC -8P TAB lornoxicam 8 mg & paracetamol 500mg
MELOACT 7.5 TAB meloxicam 7.5mg tab
NIMPAR* TAB nimesulide 100mg tab
NIMPAR PLUS*TAB nimesulide 100mg tab
PARIX 650TAB paracetamol 650 mg tab
RELAX TAB diclofenac potassium 50mg
RELAX FORTE TAB diclo pota 50mg
RELAX GEL linseed oil diclofenac
SEREN 10*TAB serratiopeptidase 10mg tab
SEREN D* TAB serratiopeptidase 10mg tab
SEREN *DP TAB serratiopeptidase 10mg tab
SEREN N* TAB serratiopeptidase 15 mg tab
TRACETA* TAB tramadol 37.5 mg tab
TRYPACT-D TAB trypsin chymotrypsin 50000 U
TRYPACT FORTE TAB trypsin 48mg
Brand Name Content Strength
ACTIN TAB Biotin 10mg tab
ELCY TAB levocetirizine  5mg tab
FLUACT TAB fluconazole 150mg tabs
FEXOTIVE 120* TAB fexofenadine 120mg tab
FEXOTIVE 180* TAB fexofenadine 180mg tab
FEXOTIVE MT* TAB fexofenadine 120mg tab
Brand Name Content Strength
ACTILOP 25* TAB losartan potassium 25 mg tab
ACTILOP 50* TAB losartan potassium 50mg tab
ACTILOP H* TAB losartan potassium 50mg tab
ACTILOP AM* TAB losartan potassium 50mg tab
AMLOACT 5* TAB amlodipine 5mg tab 5mg tab
AMLOACT AT*TAB amlodipine 5mg tab 5mg tab
MISAR 40* TAB telmisartan 40mg tab
MISAR 40 H* TAB telmisartan 40mg tab
MYPRIL 2.5* TAB ramipril 5mg tab
MYPRIL H2.5 TAB ramipril 2.5mg tab
TG ACT 10* TAB atorvastatin calcium 10mg tab
Brand Name Content Strength
ALZOMIC 0.50*TAB alprazolam 0.50mg tab
CLONAZER -0.50*TAB clonazepam 0.50mg tab
ESCIZER*TAB escitalopram oxlate 10mg tab
ESTIM-10* TAB escitalopram oxlate 10mg tab
FLUNAZER 10*TAB flunarizine 10mg tab
FLUXOL E*TAB flupentixol 0.5mg tab
PROMIC 10TAB propranolol hydrochloride 10mg tab
PROMIC 20TAB propranolol hydrochloride 20mg tab
PROMIC TR 40 CAP propranolol hydrochloride 40mg tr cap
ZERLIN 50* TAB setraline 50mg tab
Brand Name Content Strength
INJ.ACTICEF 1*GM ceftriaxone 1000mg injection
INJ.ACTICEF-SB* ceftriaxone 100mg
INJ.ACTICLAV 1.2* amoxycillin 1000mg injection
INJ. ACTIZOBID* diclofenac sodium 75mg
INJ.AMIACT 100* amikacin 100mg injection
INJ.AMIACT 500* amikacin 500mg injection
INJ CAMROX* piroxicam 40mg/2ml injection
INJ DECK 25 nandrolone decanoate 25 mg/ml injection
INJ DECK 50 nandrolone decanoate 50 mg/ml injection
INJ NUROMAX* methylcobalamin 500mcg injection
INJ PANTACT* pantoprazole 40mg injection
INJ SUPRACETRON* ondansetron 4mg/2 ml injection
INJ TRACETA* tramadol 100mg/ 2 ml injection
Brand Name Content Strength
ACTIDAY* TAB multivitamin,multiminerals antioxidants tab
ACTIPLEX SYRUP antixidants with multivitamins minerals granules
ACTIPRO* GRANULES soya protin with multivitamins minerals granules
ACTIPRO* SYRUP protin with multi vitamins minerals and iron syrup
ACTIVE 369* CAP omega 3,omega 6 fatty acid cap
ACTIVE 4G* SOFTGEL CAP omega 3 fatty acid with minerals softgel cap
ACTIVE ENERGY POWDER dextroes+sucrose +zinc sulphate ylcobalamin
ACTIVE* ORS POWDER energy drink with electrolytes, Lactobacillius zinc sachet
MIXPRO SYRUP mixed fruit protein with vitamin minerals & iron syrups
MULTI L* SYRUP multi vitamins b complex with L lysine syrup
NUROMAX* TAB methylcobalamin 1500mcg tab
NUROMAX Z* SYRUP antixidants with multivitamins vitamin c & zinc syrups
NUROMAX OD* TAB alpha lipoic acid 100mg folic acid 1.5mg
NUROMAX G*CAP gabapentin 300mg cap
NUROMAX PG* CAP pregabalin 75mg
OXYTRET* CAP antixidant capsule with beta carotene zinc and selenium
Brand Name Content Strength
B-KOOL SUSPENSION magaldrate 480mg+sime 20mg
ESOACT 20* TAB esomeprazole 20mg tab
ESOACT 40* TAB esomeprazole 40mg tab
ESOACT DSR*CAP esomeprazole domperidone 30mg sr cap
LAZ 30 CAP lansoprazole 30mg cap
PANTACT 20* TAB pantoprazole 20mg tab
PANTACT 40* TAB pantoprazole 40mg tab
PANTACT D* TAB pantoprazole domperidone 10mg tab
PANTACT 40D* TAB pantoprazole 40mg and domperidone 10mg tab
PANTACT DSR* CAP pantoprazole 40mg
RABEP 20* TAB rabeprazole 20mg tab
RABEP DSR*CAP rabeprazole 20mg & 30mg sr cap
RABEP IT*CAP rabeprazole 20mg & 150mg sr cap
RABEP LSR*CAP rabeprazole 20mg& levosulpride 75mg
SUPRACETRON-MD *TAB ondansetron 4mg MD tab
ZOOM 20 CAP omeprazole 20mg cap
ZOOM D CAP omeprazole & domperidone10mg cap 20mg cap

1 Crore

Research Budget


Patients healed

212 Doctors

working for you

14 Years

of experience



Continuous focus on perfection on the pathway. The horizon is not a mirage but reality to understand the needs of customer & society at large. To provide quality medicine at the most reasonable price & sincere Endeavour to provide our product at the right time at the right place at the right cost. In the year 2003 few of the young generation got together & decided to provide quality medicines at the most affordable price. And the small seed was sown With the hard work, honesty & absolute faith in team work, today the company handles about 160 brands.The company or Active Family started with about 55 brands. Each member of the team did his job without compromising on perfection & full dedication. The result was, controlled growth.From our humble beginning of introducing 55 brands, today the company is marketing about 215 brands of products all over the country. To our credit, we have trademarked & registered most of our brands, which shows our road map.

Timely Delivery

We provide these products at reasonable prices and deliver these within the assured time frame.Offered assortment is immensely appreciated for features like effective usage and safe packaging.

Marketing Services

Active Healthcare is an upcoming & fast growing company in the field of manufacturing & marketing of high-quality products of Tablets, Capsules, Oral Liquids, Powders & Injectable.


The company or Active Family started with about 55 brands. Each member of the team did his job without compromising on perfection & full dedication.

Why Us

Leveraging on our years of industry experience, we have been able to provide best quality products to our esteemed clients. Some of the vital factors that help us in staying ahead of our counterparts are:

  • Advance infrastructure base
  • Experienced and skilled workforce
  • Superior quality products
  • Ethical business policies
  • Market leading prices
  • Wide distribution network
  • Timely delivery


In our progress our quality products were prescribed by reputed & well known doctors and the products were found excellent mainly due to our motto “No Compromise In Quality“ with competitive price factor. We also obtained An ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for our Class ‘A’ working pattern & timely supply

PCD pharma franchise

PCD pharma franchise franchise pcd pharma franchise on monopoly basis, Indian pharmaceutical franchise company

We provide best pcd pharma franchise pcd pharma franchise on monopoly basis, Indian pharmaceutical franchise company for the people who are working as Medical representative, we have best offer for those who are hardworking and dedicated towards their goal, we are here in vadodara and we provide our products all over the globe, (gujarat, India) We are located in vadodara and we have more than 2000 products with us and you might not find it boring. We have very best incentive schemes which will amaze you . We need medical representative who can represent active healthcare throughout the world PCD pharma franchise

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